My Studio Gets an Upgrade

My Studio Gets an Upgrade

It is an exciting time here in my little studio. My humble little studio is really nothing more than a big garden shed. 

The light was very scarce with no windows. The only time light would enter was when I could leave the door open on a sunny day, and in the depths of winter here in Melbourne, that is not very often.

I had always dreamed of opening up one end with some big French doors. I suggested it to my partner, who is a former builder, and he said, “No problem.” I really didn’t think it would get done but my to my delight he got stuck into it.

A week later and a lot of visits to Bunnings and  I have my dream French doors and can now sit with a Chai and look out to my garden and ponder. 

A huge thanks to my man ( chef ) and the kids for making my little place of peace so much more me.


Taaa Daaaaaa
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