Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website

Hello and thanks for dropping by. Well, it’s here, my new website. 

So this is a tiny bit terrifying, but as I say to my kids, feel the fear and do it anyway. I am not a business person by nature; I am a creative, so a website, or running my passion as a business has never been high on my radar. The fact is that to keep doing it and moving into a full time role as a professional artist  I must move with the times and become a businesswoman as well as an artist. 

 I don’t  really want this website to be entirely  businessy; I want  to share my world of colour with you, I want you to join in and have some fun with me. I want to share what I have learnt over the past 50 years and what I continue to learn every day. I would love you to get involved by commenting, messaging me and having a laugh together.🌸

You can find me on all the usual social media  platforms.

Thanks for stopping by.


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