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My Art Shop

My Art Shop

Individual Intuitive Painting Workshop

Come and enjoy some one on one painting instruction

What’s included:

2 hours of art production, exploration and therapy

Use of fully equipped studio, includes – High quality acrylic paint, a diverse collection of brushes, 100’s of pastels and mixed media components, 30” x 40” canvas plus archive quality papers for smaller works

1 completed ( by you ) medium sized canvas to keep.

Several smaller experimental pieces you will create with an option of different mediums, watercolour, mixed media, pastels and pencil,

Lists of inspirational starting points to continue your journey at home.

Tea, Coffee supplied.


Old clothes, something comfortable, even pyjamas.  It’s a lovely day to understand how you can express yourself easily and intuitively without judgement.

My little superpower is being able to draw out the artist in almost anyone in a supportive, creative, relaxed environment


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