My Art Shop

My Art Shop

Group Art Workshop


What you will experience

6 hours of art production, exploration, discussion and therapy.

All materials supplied – High quality acrylic paint, a diverse collection of brushes, 100’s of pastels and mixed media components, one 30” x 40” canvas , several smaller canvas boards plus archive quality papers for smaller works

1 completed ( by you ) canvas 30” x 40” approx

Several smaller experimental pieces you will create with an option of different mediums, watercolour, mixed media, pastels and pencil,

Lists of inspirational starting points to continue your journey at home

Short 10 minute guided meditation to begin

Tea, Coffee, snacks and wine provided ( vegan and keto catered for when requested )


Old clothes, something comfortable, even pyjamas,a sense of fun and freedom and your full present self

You will not be painting the same as the person next to you, this is not prescriptive, there will not be 3 palm trees There will be a multitude of colours and shapes that will surprise you

Times are flexible and can be catered to fit in with you

If you would like to discuss this workshop or have any questions please contact me.

Group of 2 cost $ 450 per person

Group of 3 cost $ 400 per person


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